Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LA Girl Secrets via Bride Girls LA: Beautiful Brides at Behzhad Photography

Attention my Beautiful Bride Girls! Behzad Photography is offering a very special deal for all LA Secret Girls. To get gorgeous pictures that you will keep forever at a discounted rate, become a member at LA Girl Secrets

$50 off any studio shooting
. ( business head shot = $150.00 - $50.00 = $100.00)
Modeling pictures ($250.00 - $50.00 = $200)

Weddings, Engagement, promotion
2 free 8.5x12 parents albums. These albums are duplicates of the album the bride and groom have purchased. but their album is larger 12 x 16
Behzad photography captures life's most magnificent moments in breathtaking detail, glorious expressions, and splendid compositions.

"Your Special day is an experience that offers years of countless memories. At the very heart of these memories lies our canvas of passion to you with the most vivid eminence life has to offer. Savor the story of your love without end in the pages of our exquisite albums as the culmination of your sentiments and sensations. Experience your special moment forever..." -Behzad

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