Monday, September 6, 2010


Getting ready to shop for wedding bands? Here's our cheat sheet on the most commonly used materials-and what to know before you buy.
PLATINUM: You can expect to pay a bit more, but this is the wedding ring equivalent of royalty. Pure white and so far more rare than gold, platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic.
SILVER: Sterling is the most budget-friendly. Durability varies based on what alloys are mixed. For example, a platinum-silver blend is less expensive than pure platinum and has whiter, more tarnish-resistant finish than regular sterling.
TITANIUM: The metal in your golf bag is increasingly showing up at the jeweler’s. It’s less shiny than traditional options, but strong and lightweight-perfect for the gal on the go.
WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD: A classic choice: It’s cost-effective and ordered in various levels of purity. The colors are created by blending alloys-like copper for yellow, palladium for white. Watch out for scratches: Gold is a soft metal and shows wear quickly.

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