Monday, September 27, 2010


Want a customized display for your cards? We created one using flea-market picture frame, acrylic paint, and glam fabric. But you can tailor the project to your wedding style! (All supplies are available at craft stores.)
You’ll Need:
· Wood Frame
· ½ inch wide soft paintbrush
· Acrylic paint
· Yardstick
· Matte knife
· ½ inch thick foam core boards
· Scissors
· batting (filling)
· Fabric (cotton or linen works best; iron before using)
· Straight pins with flat heads
· Masking tape
· Iron
· Hammer
· Small Nails
1. Brush two coats of the acrylic paint onto the frame’s front. (Let dry for 20 minutes between coats.) Repeat on back. 2. Measure the frame’s inner border (from the back) with the yardstick, then use the matte knife to cut the foam core 1/8 inch smaller than each measurement. Use scissors to cut four pieces of the batting to the same size as the foam core. Cut one piece of fabric four inches larger than the foam core on each side. Working on a flat surface, stack the fabric, batting, and foam core (in that order, bottom to top). 3. Stretch the fabric tightly over the batting and foam core, using straight pins to secure it into the sides of the foam. (Space the pins two inches apart). Tape the loose fabric flat to the backside of the foam core. Take another piece of fabric, ½ inch larger than the foam core on each side, and create neat edges by ironing ½ inch underneath. Using more pins, secure the fabric to the back of the foam core. 4. Put the fabric-covered board (puffy side facing out) into the frame. Secure it by hammering nails diagonally into the frame’s back, about 5 inches apart.

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