Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Guilty Girl’s Guide to the Guest List!

Feeling torn? We’ll help you decide who should—and shouldn’t—make the cut.

DO YOU HAVE TO INVITE…a casual friend who invited you to her wedding two years ago but whom you haven’t been in touch with since?
WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? This is your day to celebrate with the people you’re closest to. Even if you were tight with her a few years back, friends drift apart (it happens to everyone), so you’re under no obligation to invite her to the nups. The telltale signal: You think of her as a “casual” friend, not a bestie.

DO YOU HAVE TO INVITE…a plus-one for the single friend from out of town who won’t know a soul?
WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO: Make an exception. Seeing her alone at a table while everyone else does a conga line with pals would make you feel pretty awful.

DO YOU HAVE TO INVITE…guest’s children? You’d planned a no kids policy but are worried some guests may take offense when they see your niece ( the flower girl) and nephew (the ring bearer) running around the reception.
WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? Stick to your guns. Since the kids are working the event, how could other guests be mad? Also, parents with little often are grateful for a night off from kid duty.

DO YOU HAVE TO INVITE…all 24 of your adult cousins who reside in your hometown, even though your close to only 5 of them?
WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? A shared zipcode doesn’t buy anyone a spot on the guest list, so just invite the ones you feel most connected to. To avoid hurt feelings, don’t talk up the wedding at family gatherings.

DO YOU HAVE TO INVITE…your dad’s elderly aunt and uncle, who live across the country and can’t easily travel long distances anymore?
WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? Send them an invitation as a courtesy, with a note that says something like, “We wanted to share this happy family news with both of you, we’ll send photos after the wedding!”

By Marina Khidkel

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